In September 2023, we headed to Germany for another trip to the infamous Nordschleife.

We all met up at Eurotunnel, Folkstone and headed to France.

We had five drivers in our group so we opted for an Airbnb out of the town with plenty of room for parking. This gave us a lovely drive to the circuit but was less convenient for shops, restaurants and bars.

The surrounding roads and countryside around Nurburg is superb, expansive scenery and smooth, flowing, quiet roads. Typically the weather wasn’t on our side most of the weekend but we’re from England so nothing new there.

We were there for the Track Day on the Sunday so Saturday was spent driving on the surrounding roads, spending some time in the town and chatting with other drivers at the track.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Nurburgring without taking a look around the circuit shops.

Being a Track day, many of the cars were 911’s.

A quick shot of some of our cars around the track.

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