TTFS High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) – BMW M2 & N55 Models

TTFS High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) – BMW M2 & N55 Models

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The factory N55 HPFP is has just enough capacity to run the engine in standard trim. Whilst mild stage 1 tuning is possible and effective, the stock HPFP is maxed and beyond. To allow more power to be run safely more fuelling capacity is needed.

We do not use or recommend the additional fuel be supplemented with the use of port injectors. The N55 was designed as a direct injection engine and for optimal & safe tuning should remain as such.

TTFS are proud to offer the N55 community the first ever factory like fuel system upgrade. While the factory fuel system is adequate for stock vehicles this engine quickly runs out of fuel with even basic performance upgrades. To help combat this, we are introducing the first High-Pressure Fuel Pump for the N55 direct injection engines! Our extensive work with Xtreme-DI has revealed this pump can expand the tuning and performance opportunity of your N55 motor. This is a complete bolt-on upgraded and comes with everything needed to make installation easy.

The TTFS HPFP is plug & play but, it must be accompanied by custom base tuning to work correctly which, is also included and you can use our dyno tuning services for performance tuning or have your preferred tuner (i.e. BM3, MHD, TTFS) take your N55 to the next level with this brilliant upgrade!

We also offer this as part of our stage 3 tuning package 

Maximum Flow Rate: 195LPH @ 7000rpm

Maximum Rail Pressure 200bar / 2900psi (like OEM)

Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends

Mechanical Data Geometric Pump Capacity 1.22cc (OEM = 0.897cc > +36% capacity)

Suitable for F87 M2 & All others that run the N55 engine.

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Weight 20 kg





E8X, E9X, F2X, F87


135I, 235I, 335I, M135I, M2, M235I



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