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Test day – MINI CHALLENGE Cooper

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Thinking about racing in the MINI Challenge Cooper Class? Come and do a test day in a race prepared MINI Cooper to find out what it’s like.

We’ve teamed up with AReeve Motorsport to provide a huge range of race services at great prices.

Areeve Motorsport have been providing Arrive & Drive as well as Owner-Driver support for a number of years and are regularly getting their drivers on the podium in various races. The team provide a full range of motorsport services and are based in Norfolk.

Test days generally requires a race license to drive on track. If you don’t have a race license, try one of our track days or experience days!

About the MINI CHALLENGE Cooper

The Cooper Class car uses a 130Bhp 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, slick tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers. Offering surprising performance, agile handling and incredible grip from durable GoodYear tyres, it is not unusual to see these MINIs chasing down supercars that cost 20 times as much on test days!

The ultra-reliable 6 speed Cooper S BKD gearbox is employed and mated with a competition clutch, to improve transmission reliability without unreasonable costs.

Single way adjustable AST dampers allow handling to easily be tuned to suit driving styles and conditions.

The car best suits those new to motorsport, those with some karting experience, or those who just want ultra-close, fair racing on a high profile stage with modest budgets.