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Test day – MINI CHALLENGE Cooper S

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Thinking about racing in the MINI Challenge Cooper S Class? Come and do a test day in a race prepared MINI Cooper to find out what it’s like.

We’ve teamed up with AReeve Motorsport to provide a huge range of race services at great prices.

Areeve Motorsport have been providing Arrive & Drive as well as Owner-Driver support for a number of years and are regularly getting their drivers on the podium in various races. The team provide a full range of motorsport services and are based in Norfolk.

Test days generally requires a race license to drive on track. If you don’t have a race license, try one of our track days or experience days!

About the MINI CHALLENGE Cooper S

Introduced in 2016, the Cooper S class is the opportunity for drivers who already have racing MINIs built to other specifications, to join the MINI CHALLENGE family.

Cooper S Class MINI’s include:

  • Ex CHALLENGE R53 & R56 variants
  • European specification cars
  • Track Day Trophy MINIs
  • F56 1.5lt Cars

Running on Dunlop Direzza dry tyres costs are kept down, whilst safety is enhanced through the use of wet tyres to enable drivers to safely race even with standing water.

Power is limited to 160 bhp per ton and 210 nm per ton at the hub, meaning that equality can be achieved and maintained without excessive engine costs.

In other areas regulations are relatively open allowing drivers and teams to enhance car performance through engineering, as well as driving. This makes the Cooper S class a very different challenge to the other classes.