Seat Heater

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  • 2 Phase Heat Settings
  • Universal Wiring Loom with Switch
  • Wiring Guidelines Included
  • Optional Extra on select Seating Ranges
  • Can’t be Retro Fitted to certain seats


We’ve now made it possible to get a high-quality bucket seat heating unit at an affordable price. Corbeau Seat Heaters can be installed as an optional extra in our Sportline RRS/RXI and Classic bucket seat ranges along with a select few composite seats too. The heating pads are custom trimmed to size to ensure proper fitment on your seat. Whilst we always recommend you have these installed by a professional, the installation is really quite simple. Two wires, a positive and ground wire, connect to your existing electrical system.

Please note these are unable to be retro-fitted to our Sportline or Classic seats.

What’s great about our heaters is that they will heat up within two minutes. The patented heat flow system forces the heat from the heater pads upwards towards the body, as opposed to a downward flow into the seat itself. This allows your body to feel the majority of the heat flow and warmth quicker than most seat heaters. Corbeau Seat heating pads feature carbon fibre technology, which is regarded as one of the finest heating pad materials available today.


Wiring guidelines are included with Corbeau Seat Heaters and we strongly advise having your seat heaters fitted by a trained mechanical personnel.

Please note retro-fitting of seat heaters is not possible with Sportline or Classic seat ranges, contact our sales team for further information.

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