Owen Developments Hybrid Turbo Mini Gen 2 Cooper S

Owen Developments Hybrid Turbo Mini Gen 2 Cooper S

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The stock Cooper S JCW turbo can only safely run 285bhp approx. If you want to push for bigger numbers, then a larger turbo will be required which is where the Owen Developments turbo comes to play. A hybrid turbo that has custom internals compared with a standard MINI JCW turbo. This includes a larger turbine wheel, larger compressor wheel, upgraded heat shield and upgraded thrust bearing. The benefit of using a hybrid turbo where only the internals has changed is that this Owen Developments turbo is a straightforward bolt-on upgrade that does not need a custom manifold reducing labour times and costings. Lead time approx 2 Weeks
  • Mini R55-R59 Cooper S inc JCW
  • 1 x Owens Developments Turbo
  • Q: Do I need a remap?
  • A: No the turbo can be fitted and will safely run without a remap
  • K03 Turbo
  • K04 Turbine wheel
  • 63.5MM Billet compressor wheel
  • Uprated 360 thrust bearing
  • Uprated heatshield
  • Profile exhaust housing for K03 turbine wheel
  • Profile comp housing for 63.5mm billet comp wheel

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Weight 20 kg



Cooper S, JCW




N14, N18



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