Nitron Suspension – BMW M2, M3, M4 R1 & R3

Nitron Suspension – BMW M2, M3, M4 R1 & R3

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Nitron Racing – Suspension System for BMW F-Series M Vehicles
New for 2018 UK Based Nitron Racing have released top-end suspension systems for the BMW F Series M Models – M2, M3, & M4. Based on race wining design and technology. If you are looking for the next level in handling your car these are for you! Direct replacement for the original dampers, the Nitron kits are “Plug & Play”.
All kits are supplied with uni-ball front camber/castor adjustable top mounts – up to 5 degrees of camber & 10 degrees of castor are available with standard suspension arms. Uniball rear upper mounts & adjustable drop links also form a standard part of the kit.Spring rates & valving are available to your specification or we can guide on what will suit your application best – for example, 30% road 70% track on semi-slick tyres.
Please contact us to discuss if you need further advice in this area.Rear dampers are available in the standard “divorced” spring and damper format & also as a Coilover assembly. When using the Coilover type the spring rate must be adjusted accordingly.Please select model type and options needed from the drop-down on the rightFor reference, the images are of the R3 – 3-way set. The 1-way set is exactly the same construction without the external reservoirs.
In the case of the 3 way sets, the reservoirs can be supplied in “piggyback format as pictured or can be specified remotely on a hose with or without dry break connectors (additional cost) – If you would prefer remote reservoirs please take a measurement from the bottom of the damper to the location you wish to mount the remote reservoirs


The NTR R1 system offers unrivaled performance and value with a design that gives drivers a wide range of effective, easy to use damping control.

2-Way combined damping adjustment. Developed from our full race suspension and sharing many components with the R3 system, the R1 offers exceptional performance, reliability, and value for both road and track use. Widely praised by drivers around the world and respected for out-performing considerably more expensive suspension kits.

R1 kits provide uncompromising quality, reliability, and performance without the need for a remote canister. Fade-resistant and hand built with ultra-low friction components, the R1 shock is made to last on the road and track.

The high-grade materials protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight. Every R1 kit is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable. Titanium and hard-anodized parts are hand-built to last not only season after season but also the harshest of winters.


The NTR R3 system sets the standard for ultimate performance with a design that offers drivers and engineers unparalleled damping control.
3-Way independent damping adjustment. By incorporating our class-leading large diameter piston and ultra-strong piston rod, the R3 system demonstrates outstanding levels of performance, damping control, and adjustment. Piggyback or remotely mounted reservoir allows quick and simple independent adjustment of rebound and fast and slow compression damping. The large range of adjustment and quality of feedback allows the experienced driver to fully exploit the full potential of their car. The R3 is a proven race winner and lap record holder across a wide spectrum of international motorsport formulas.

The high-grade materials protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight. Every R3 kit is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable. Titanium and hard-anodized parts are hand-built to last not only the lengthiest endurance races, season after season, but also the harshest of winters.

Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific details, finishes and end fittings may differ from that shown.

All Nitron shocks are hand made to order to each individual customer’s requirements. Lead times are normally 2 – 3 weeks, but at certain times may be slightly longer.

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