KMP BMW E9x Racing Wheel

KMP BMW E9x Racing Wheel

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Upgrade your driving experience by replacing the OEM wheel to an Alcantara racing wheel!

If an OEM steering wheel is removed, there will be several errors active. The racing wheel has specially developed electronics inside which simulate the OEM wheel with the possibility to take over some original functions such as M-Sport or horn.

The BMW E9x racing wheel is standard equipped with a 44mm spacer. It is possible to replace the spacer with a quick-release adapter at additional costs (+£170). Both options will have a curly cable between the steering wheel and the hub

Free to use buttons

A ‘free to use’ button can be used for anything you want. These buttons are switched to ground, and can be used with the supplied flying leads. The flying leads are connected into the back of the slip ring (dashboard side). Connect an external timer, flash light or anything you would like to control directly from your racing wheel. The wiring for each custom function needs to be done by the customer. The plug and play solution makes sure there are no ECU error messages and no airbag light will turn on after installation.

Different models

The wheel is completely plug and play and therefore easy to install. There are various options for the BMW E90, E92, E92 M3.

Right bottom Right top Left top Left bottom
01.06.02011 Free to use Free to use Horn Free to use
01.06.02012 Free to use M-Sport Free to use Free to use
01.06.02013 Free to use M-Sport Horn Free to use
01.06.02014 Free to use Free to use Free to use Free to use

The function names will be laser engraved in the steering wheel. If the functions on the ‘Free to use’ switches are already known, please add this as a note to the order. If the function names are not supplied at order, there will not by any engraving at these switch positions.

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