Geoff Steel BMW E46 M3 Carbon CSL Airbox

Geoff Steel BMW E46 M3 Carbon CSL Airbox

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Designed to replace the standard E46 M3 (S54 engine) air intake system.

Based on the original CSL airbox (Plenum chamber) this product is highly popular.

The majority of customers purchase this airbox literally for the intake noise alone, it is truly fantastic. On top of the noise, throttle response, engine power and overall driveability of the car are vastly improved.

This is a three-piece item incorporating the same diameter intake as the original but without the large butterfly assembly.

This item is supplied complete with intake snorkel and K&N air filter,

Ecu tuning required


  • Material: Carbon
  • Weight: 4kgs Approx
  • Colours: Carbon Weave
  • Includes snorkel


The latest version of the ever-popular Geoff Steel replica carbon fibre, CSL airbox is here. The new design incorporates aluminium, CNC machined flanges where the snorkel meets the airbox, inlet trumpets now showing carbon fibre weave, much more rigid construction and a much higher quality cosmetic finish.

Manufactured from CNC machined moulds to produce a very high quality finish.

As all Geoff Steel Carbon products are bespoke hand laid pieces, you are advised that minor adjustments may be required at the time of installation.

Where holes are required, as standard we leave this blank, so on installation, they can be drilled once in position.

Due to the nature of the material used in all carbon fibre and fibreglass products, it is of upmost importance to not only store items correctly (i.e. weight/pressure spread evenly) but on receipt of the items fit them as soon as possible. Incorrect storage can lead to items becoming misshaped thus creating a problem when fitting.


All Geoff Steel Carbon products are designed and manufactured for use on track or race cars only. Any use on highways is at own risk.

For track/race cars we can also manufacture with no breather ports for when separate engine breather catch tanks are to be used.

We have used our CSL replica airbox on many of our own race cars, some running modified engines up to 450bhp.

We offer these units as supply only or with fitting & dyno tuning with the option of MS54HP DME using the same set up as the factory M3 CSL

Please contact us for upto date lead times

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