Corbeau Pro-Seat Custom Bead Cushion

Corbeau Pro-Seat Custom Bead Cushion

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  • Professionally made using Pro-Seat’s unique resin bonded Colloid Technology©™
  • Colloid Technology©™ increases driver performance by drastically reducing vibration and physical fatigue
  • Independently tested by MIRA and GM
  • A perfect fit reduces anatomical pressure point loading and ensures ultimate driver safety and comfort
  • Only available directly through Race Paddock, please call us on 01323 808 909 or email us on


Pro-Seat is a bespoke seating solution that allows the driver to position themselves in their ideal, most ergonomic driving position, while staying within the safety regulations.

Suitable for all motorsport applications, the Pro-Seat system uses energy absorbing materials which, during a controlled vacuum forming process that takes place within the vehicle’s chassis or composite seat shell, allow the seat to be moulded around the driver. Thus achieving the desired position, giving ultimate support and fit.

This accuracy not only improves the comfort and safety of the driver, but also increases levels of chassis feedback. Independently proven energy absorbing properties of these unique construction materials also reduces the effects of vibration and driver fatigue.

The system is an entirely clean process and utilises methods that cause no damage or contamination, nor risk to the driver or vehicle. The materials used have a high resistance to fire and unlike urethane foam, produce no cyanide gas when subjected to naked flame.

The process has been independently tested at MIRA, and based on these results our system is used globally in every motorsport discipline with great results and safety record.


You cannot buy a Pro-Seat Kit off the shelf; each seat and insert is bespoke manufactured professionally for individuals and teams.

This policy ensures a perfect, safe and comfortable seat is produced every time. The Pro-Seat system can be applied to any composite race shell from within the Corbeau range, customised to your individual shape and size using the latest ISO 3795 and ISO 15025 fabrics.

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