Corbeau 3-Point Retractable Harness

Corbeau 3-Point Retractable Harness

£114.00 Inc VAT

  • Retracting Inertia Reel
  • Allows Movement and Function like an OEM Seatbelt for Everyday Use
  • Available in Black,  Blue or Red
  • A-Plate bolt in lap strap fixings

    2" Harness Pads


Corbeau 3-Point Retractable Harness belts are proof of our dedication to innovation and style. This harness demonstrates our forward thinking when it comes to our customers, who not only use their cars for day to day journeys, but also put their driving skills to the test on track days. A unique featre is the ability to release the rear inertia reel strap with the push of a button.

This harness features our state of the art retracting inertia reel that will allow your harness to move and function like an OEM seatbelt during normal day to day driving. A must have product for all fast-road & track day enthusiasts!

Harness Pads are also available to provide extra padding and comfort around the shoulders, chest and neck area.


Fitting instructions are included with all of our Harnesses, please read through the information prior to fitting your Harness.

We strongly advise having your Harness fitted by trained mechanical personnel. All mounting bolts should be secured to withstand a 2,000kgs loading.

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