Autosolutions Short Shifter BMW 1M E90 E92 M3

Autosolutions Short Shifter BMW 1M E90 E92 M3

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Autosolutions Short Shifter BMW E90 E92 M3
Manufactured in the USA and all made to order, we bring you the skillfully made Autosolutions short shifters for the BMW platforms
The Auto solutions  Ultra kit for all e9XM3 and BMW 1M.
An integrated unit that is designed to be installed in its entirety and replaces the whole mechanism, Lever, selector rod, front coupler and carrier arm bushings.
We do not sell shifter parts individually because we do not believe is selling a part then have you upgrade it with another part because the first part fell short of your expectations.
Second, by building the complete mechanism we are able to hand fit the parts together resulting in an even tighter and more precise fit. What we are after is not short throw (although that is available in reduction ratios ranging from 7 to 32%) but rather the feeling of precision and repeatability. Our shifter will feel very mechanical yet silent and you will be able to shift using muscle memory.
 Note the absence of pivot ball and the thicker inner lever.
This unusual setup makes for a much more precise shifter than even our standard e46 M3 Ultra kit and an even smoother action at any given reduction ratio. 

Because these shifters are hand-assembled and fitted, we are unable to keep them in stock and sell them according to a waiting list. Typical wait is usually about 10-15 days. sometimes less sometimes more.

Optionally you can also replace the OEM bushings for the shift carrier that are supplied with the kit with our urethane bronze front bushing set. Those would enhance the precision of the pattern further without significantly increasing the noise level.

 Depending on your application this can be a worthwhile option.

Reduction throw:

Low reduction, Mid reduction, and high reduction. There is no difference in precision or repeatability of the pattern regardless of the reduction level. The only trade-off is reduced travel for additional shifting effort. If you want to shore up the feel in your shifter and get a gated feel with extreme precision and no slop and want as little additional effort as possible then choose low reduction. Mid reduction adds a little effort and reduces the throw. High reduction takes it a step further in that direction. Even our high reduction will not be objectionable effort-wise and our low reduction very very close to the stock effort. that is because the mechanism is much more efficient at transmitting force than the stock setup.

Trackday set up would suit a 30-35 percent shifter.
Fast road set up would suit 10 or 15% shifter.

And because these shifters are semi-custom builds nothing stops you for choosing a ratio that is the best compromise for your typical use say 17% or 18% or 27%

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