Autosolutions BMW E46 M3 Shortshifter

Autosolutions BMW E46 M3 Shortshifter

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Autosolutions Short Shifter BMW E46 M3
Manufactured in the USA and all made to order, we bring you the skillfully madAuto solutionsns short shifters for the BMW platforms
Ultra (ultimate) class kits: Available in four discrete reduction ratios . 0, 20, 30 and 40% reduction.
The precision and repeatability of the pattern are identical between these four versions. the only tradeoff is less travel for more shifting effort. with the 0% being closest to stock effort and the 40% requiring the most additional effort but having the least amount of travel.
AutoCross kit.
This kit is basically the last step in getting the pattern more precise and repeatable. it is a thicker lever, no pivot ball and a teflon lined uniball for a pivot. its is quiet, slicker to shift than the standard Ultra for a given reduction ratio.
Extremely precise and repeatable.  Basically, our e9XM3 technology applied to the e46. Its limitations is that It cannot be built stiffer than 30% at the standard shifter height and that it takes time to produce given the tolerances.

Which to buy?

If money is no object get the AutoCross is the best you can have.
It is just the best kit around.

If mainly used on track either the 30 or the 20% reduction would be suited.
If used predominantly on the road the 20% for sure.

A ZHP or Clubsport knob will sit lower than the stock knob and increase the reduction a couple of percent

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