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AK Motion DataDisplay Gauge BMW F3x, F8x incl. M2/M3/M4

£420.00 Inc VAT


DataDisplay for the F30 and F80 series. The AK-Motion DataDisplay gives information about the vehicle at a glance.

Overview over the functions of the display:

(the functions depend on engine type)

  • automatic and manual brightness control
  • full graphical touch-display (with 65536 colors)
  • freely selectable bootscreen
  • OBD2-blocker function (unlock with freely selectable code!)
  • enable diagnostic (OBD2) by DataDisplay
  • freely selectable color scale (e.g. oil temperature red, yellow and green)
  • torque compesation value  (e.g. for vehicles with chip tuning or powerbox)
  • read and delete engine error code
  • adjustable shift light (shown on the display or/and flash on the instrument cluster)
  • save and reset max values
  • Delete – R (F-series without cat code)
  • torque
  • power
  • speed (possible to match with GPS)
  • water temperature
  • oil temperature
  • gearbox temperature (automatic and DKG vehicles. E-series and F-series)
  • battery voltage
  • boost pressure (actual value)
  • boost pressure (target value)
  • Wastegate positon
  • charge air temperature (IAT)
  • air flow
  • firing angle
  • ignition time
  • lambda value
  • rail pressure
  • fuel pressure
  • exhaust temparature (calculated)
  • oil pressure (F-series. E-series with external sensor)
  • DPF differetnial pressure
  • pressure before DPF
  • soot mass DPF
  • driven distance since successfull regeneration of DPF
  • timing 0-100
  • timing 100-200
  • timing 1/4 Mile
  • timing 1/2 Mile
  • timing 1/8 Mile
  • freely selectable speed and timing measurement
  • laptime (displays distance and time)
  • G-Force
  • enable burble (F-series)
  • activation and deactivation of Active Sound Design (F-series)
  • Flap control
  • activation of the speddometer needle when igintion on
  • optimal external sensorik (oil temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, …)
  • Dashboard with eight freely selectable values
  • activation and deactivation of DSC/DTC while starting the vehicle (E-series)
  • activation of relays: up to four relays can be controlled with the unit
  • Compensation of scaled maps (for N54, boost pressure > 1,5 Bar)
  • selecting language and units (englisch, german, italian, french, dutch, Bar-PSI, PS-KW, Lambda-AFR, °C-°F, etc…)
  • saving of the last four timing measurements
  • up to four freely selectable parameters which can be displayed in the flow diagram
  • freely selectable values which can be displayed as values or as bar diagram (up to three)
  • unit is updatable